Calls for time limit on immigration detention and automatic judicial oversight

On 26th May 2015 Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) and the Human Rights Lawyers’ Association (HRLA) held a public meeting to consider the future for immigration detention in light of the report of the Parliamentary Inquiry which recommended the introduction of a 28-day time limit on immigration detention and increased judicial oversight of detention. BID has published a policy statement on the importance of adequate safeguards for immigration detainees including the introduction of automatic judicial oversight. Speakers at the meeting included Paul Blomfield MP, one of the co-chairs of the Parliamentary Inquiry; Pierre Makhlouf of BID; Emma Mlotshwa of Medical Justice who spoke about the terrible impacts of detention and the need for radical changes to the system of immigration detention; and Doughty Street’s Alison Pickup whose paper arguing from a legal perspective for the need for automatic, regular judicial oversight of detention you can read here: Power to detain for immigration purposes – the importance of judicial oversight.

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